Art Studio MASA

In this page, the rental service of the art works are announced.
Now, we rent art works of MASA for free in Art Studio MASA.

Art can change the mood of the places.
You can change the mood of your restaurantes or companies.
You can also buy the art works if you prefer them.

The pictures below are samples. You can also see MASA's art works in Gallery
He can draw new paints if you want to. Then, it will take some time to draw.

We also provide the plate with the name of the artist (MASA), the name of the works, the price, and the portfolio
When someone want to buy the art works, please tell them the information of our company.
If you collect the payment instead, we give you the part of the payment as margins.

If you are interested in this rental service, please feel free to contact us fromApplication form
You can also ask more information.